After finding out one of our close friends was expecting a baby boy, bébé garçon was born!

bébé garçon which is French for baby boy, was created in 2016 whilst the 4 founders were at University. We were inspired to start a platform in order to help those around us. 

Our approach to life started to mature as we grew older and we started to think, “do we want to live our lives fitting into the status quo or do we want to make a difference and leave a footprint in the world?” As a collective we've always known that we wanted to do something different, something creative and fun. We wanted to do something that would allow us to express our talents and passions such as fashion, events and music. 

We realized that we didn’t want to have a standard job or do the things some of our friends were doing, but we wanted to stand out. 

Welcome to our world.